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CURLY TAILS Bowen Therapy & Emmett Technique

Body Work For Animals

If you’re a pet owner who prefers a holistic or natural approach to health care for your animals then you’ve landed in the right place! We use drug-free, non-invasive techniques to help avoid the use of medications and surgeries wherever possible to help maintain the comfort and mobility of pets from puppies and kittens right through to senior pets enjoying their golden years! These techniques are excellent for musculoskeletal and neuro-muscular issues and a whole range of things including supporting the lymphatic system, general health and well being.

Performance Dogs

Many owners who participate in dog sports use these treatments regularly to help their show dogs and agility dogs maintain peak condition enabling them to move and perform at their very best!
These soft tissue therapies can help prevent injury, promote faster muscle recovery times, maintain peak fitness levels and enhance performance.

dog receiving bowen therapy

Mazz feeling so relaxed that he's fallen asleep standing up!

Soft Tissue Therapy
For Dogs & Cats

I'm passionate about helping animals feel better and also live better by offering treatments using my two favourite techniques!
Delivering personalised treatments, tailored to each individual animal, I've been thrilled to be able to help so many animals with pain, discomfort and movement along with improving general health using a combination of gentle, non-invasive body work treatments which relieve pain and bring about a natural re-balancing of the body by addressing the whole body.
Check out my TESTIMONIALS to see how some of my clients have been helped.
Basenji on my lap

What Others Are Saying …
“When I first took Kelly to Helen she could hardly walk, cried when she got up in the morning to hobble over to her food, I had to carry her up the stairs, lift her into the car etc, I was sure the Green Dream wasn’t too far away! However after 4 sessions of Bowen Therapy she's like a new dog! Thank you Helen, you are a miracle worker!”
- Jodie
“Helen has been working on my dogs for many years now and I have seen an incredible difference with my dogs skin condition, health, mobility and general happiness. Both my dogs absolutely love coming to see her and love their treatments.!”
- Emily

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