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Soft Tissue Therapy 4 Canines, Felines & Small Animals

Natural Pet Therapy

Holistic Body Therapy

Bowen Therapy is a gentle, yet powerful myofascial technique that works with the muscles, connective tissue and nervous system to activate healing in the body, and give substantial relief from specific injuries and a wide range of health issues.

Emmett Technique is a gentle muscle release technique which integrates and compliments so well with Bowen Therapy. This neuro-muscular technique eases pain and discomfort, improving mobility and thereby improving quality of life.

Using holistic, body work therapies, sessions are adapted to suit the needs of each individual animal and thanks to the gentle and non-invasive nature of the treatments they are suitable to treat animals during all stages of life from baby puppies and kittens right through to sick, stressed, injured and senior pets.

dog receiving bowen therapy

Mazz feeling so relaxed that he is asleep on his feet!

Pet Service For Dogs & Cats

Bowen Therapy and Emmett Technique significantly improve the comfort and quality of life in senior dogs and is also excellent for growing puppies and active dogs that injure themselves, having fun and living dog life! They are an excellent option for those who want to avoid surgery or for dogs who are not ideal surgical candidates for orthopaedic issues and are also helpful in post-op recovery.

Being such a huge animal lover, I'm passionate about making a difference by helping dogs feel better and live better; easing their pain and assisting them to heal holistically using these gentle therapies and I’ve absolutely loved watching my furry patients achieve so many positive results!
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dog receiving bowen therapy


Performance Dogs

Many owners who participate in dog sports use Bowen & Emmett Therapy to help their show dogs and agility dogs maintain peak condition enabling them to move and perform at their very best!

These body work therapies can help to prevent injury, promote faster muscle recovery times, maintain fitness levels and enhance performance.
PHOTO: Multi Best In Show winner Rim - one of my regulars

Clients Are Saying …

“When I first took Kelly to Helen she could hardly walk, cried when she got up in the morning to hobble over to her food, I had to carry her up the stairs, lift her into the car etc, I was sure the Green Dream wasn’t too far away! However after 4 sessions of Bowen Therapy she's like a new dog! Thank you Helen, you are a miracle worker!”
- Jodie P
“Benji had badly hurt his back and neck and was suffering for weeks and weeks. He winced in pain when he moved his neck. After a couple of Bowen therapy sessions with Helen, he’s a completely different dog. Frisky and acting like a puppy again, running around with the other dogs and being cheeky. I can’t recommend Helen enough!”
- Priscilla H

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