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What Is Bowen Therapy?

Bowen therapy was developed in Geelong, Australia by Thomas Ambrose Bowen in the 1950's and is now being taught and practised all over the world with wonderful results!

Bowen Therapy is a soft tissue or fascial manipulation used to correct bio-mechanical and neural dysfunctions and relieves pain. The endorphins released during Bowen Therapy are natural painkillers and stress fighters of the body and can often account for the enhanced feeling of well being and relaxation experienced by animals (and people) after having Bowen Therapy.

Bowen Therapy involves sequences of gentle cross fibre moves at specific points on the body over muscle insertions, trigger points and spinal reflex points. The moves which are made through the fascia, muscle and tendons, stimulate the brain and body to begin the healing process. These moves impact the muscles, tendons, ligaments, joints, organs, the nervous system, skin, vascular and lymphatic systems in the body.

It's a gentle yet powerful technique which sends neurological impulses through activating receptors to the brain resulting in responses of muscle release and pain reduction. It helps increase blood and lymphatic circulation and release energy stored in the body. The work produces results by penetrating deeply into the tissues making use of the body’s innate ability to heal itself.
Bowen treatment can bring relief from pain and discomfort and return the body back to a state of balance and harmony in a relaxing, gentle manner.

During the treatment there are short breaks or pauses which allow time for the impact of the moves to create changes in the body, often dogs will put in their own breaks and walk away before coming back when ready for their next moves!
I've found that an added benefit of these pauses or breaks in between moves is that they allow the animal to avoid feeling overwhelmed with constant stimulus which is important especially for first timers, timid or nervous dogs.

Since Bowen Therapy is a holistic therapy, it does not rely on a detailed diagnosis, which can be costly and often inconclusive. Bowen Therapy treats the body as a whole since everything is inter-connected, therefore its holistic effects can resolve problems above and beyond the initial reason for seeking treatment.

If you've ever had a session you'll know how good it feels too, so it's no wonder that dogs love receiving it!


Cat receving bowen therapy
Boston Terrier receiving Bowen

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