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As advocates for our dogs health, we need to be proactive in searching out the best health advice and natural solutions to help our best friends to be as healthy as they possibly can without nasty side effects from harmful chemicals. I will be adding things I've found success in using on our own dogs and clients dogs so feel free to try any that you like the sound of and I'd love to know what you thought.

"Dogs are not our whole lives, but they make our lives whole." - Roger Caras



ball play

For those whose dogs love to chase and fetch balls.

Dogs are built differently to us (lacking a clavicle for the shoulder muscles to attach to) for one thing so there’s a need to limit the amount of repetitive ball chasing and catching that they do.

We need to be careful with dogs who get so excited that they ignore their pain thresholds and continue on chasing and catching the ball until injuries occur with long term consequences such as arthritis and muscle damage.

The sudden lunging, twisting and braking actions used in ball play can injure and cause trauma to the dogs muscles especially when most dogs are not given a proper warm up or cool down period.

I’ve seen some very painful consequences in some dogs due to their love of balls that can take a long time to recover from.

The ball chasing activity also raises adrenaline and cortisol levels which can take weeks to subside thereby having the potential to cause behavioural issues as well as musculoskeletal injuries.

The takeaway from this is to please get your dog to warm up before engaging in ball play and limit the amount of ball chasing and fetching that they do if any.
Don't allow injured or older dogs to spend time chasing, catching and fetching balls.

Dogs live in the moment, having fun but don't think about the consequences of their actions so we need to step up, take control and look out for them!



Since most of us are enjoying some time off over the holidays I thought it’d be a good chance to talk about how we can all enjoy special quality time with our dogs (or cats) and at the same time, become familiar with what feels normal for each of them, so that you can improve their quality of life and probably even lengthen their lives.

How? It’s easy, by simply giving them a regular, relaxing maintenance massage. It only takes a few minutes but it also provides a good opportunity to connect with him, strengthen your bond and I guarantee that he will think you are awesome and love you even more than he already does!!

dog massage

Just spending a few minutes each day or two will equip you with information enabling you to notice lumps, bumps, any changes or problems developing in the early stages and your dog will also get accustomed to having every part of his body handled which is great in case he ever needs medical help.

First, wait for a time when he is feeling calm and relaxed, maybe after a nice long walk or when you’re relaxing together on the lounge at night and start off with some long flowing, gentle strokes beginning at his neck and over his back and then you can use the flat part of your palm for the rest of his body.
Gently massage all over his body paying attention to what you can feel, focus on all the layers of his coat, skin, muscle, fat and bones. Make sure to be gentle, starting at his neck, using soft circular motions, then move down to his shoulders, chest, front legs and feet. Many dogs don’t like having their feet touched so move away from the feet if he’s not comfortable with it to start with, but he should get used to it if you handle them often enough. Then move along his back and massage with circular motions very gently with the palm of your hand up and down both sides of his spine, while taking care to be very gentle.

If he has any arthritic areas you can get in a bit deeper and help to soothe aching muscles by using the fleshy part at the base of your thumb to massage.

Finally, work down his back legs and finish off with some slow, long, flowing strokes over his neck and down his back again. Your dog should be feeling very relaxed and calm by now and will probably already be snoozing soundly!

After a few days of giving a relaxing all over body massage, you’ll get to know what feels normal for him and will quickly be able to detect anything abnormal that develops which might need attention from your Bowen therapist or requiring medical attention from the vet.
  • Things to be on the look out for:
  • any swelling
  • areas that are sensitive to touch (he might flinch or tense up)
  • muscular tension or tightness
  • lumps or bumps
  • a pain response

You will now be able to provide useful information for your Vet or Animal Bowen Therapist so they can focus on any areas that may be causing problems and you can prevent many things from progressing and becoming a much bigger problem by noticing them in the early stages.

Of course if he’s just had a Bowen treatment make sure not to massage him for a few days to allow time for the treatment to do its work uninterrupted as per your after care sheet.

Doing this regularly not only helps your best friend but it also benefits you by lowering your blood pressure as well!

Enjoy and take care of each other!
by Helen at Curly Tails Bowen - January 2019

Floor Cleaners and Dogs!

floor cleaners and dogs

Please be mindful of the type of floor cleaners you use as some contain harsh chemicals that are harmful to your dog’s feet.
There is a risk of them absorbing the chemicals through the skin on their feet and also of ingesting the chemicals while licking their wet feet to dry them off.

Better still keep dogs away until the floors are completely dry and use natural based cleaners instead of harsh chemicals.

Foot health can often be overlooked but is very important in your dogs life!




Getting ready to greet spring head on!


Indi, shaking out her back one day after a Bowen therapy session for a sore and tight back in slow motion!



Most dogs are very stoic and it can be hard to know sometimes when our dogs are suffering with back pain. We need to train ourselves to observe the subtle signs that our dogs are in pain.
Things to look out for:

Dogs that have back pain usually change their behavioural patterns.

  • You might notice that they will be reluctant to climb stairs, they may avoid being picked up or being held and they may become withdrawn and less active.
  • They can struggle to stand up after laying down and may even refuse to stand up. When we touch their back they might flinch or sit down. They might become a bit snappy and less tolerant with us or with other pets.
  • Back pain is very common in older dogs and most just put up with it without complaining until it gets to the point where it’s very noticeable and it takes longer to treat, but if we’re observant we can read the subtle signs and do something about it to help them before it gets too bad!
  • Canine Bowen therapy is a very gentle, non invasive method of managing back pain, treating the cause and helping the body to heal so our fur-kids can get back to loving life again!
  • It can improve circulation, stimulate lymphatic flow and help to rid the body of toxins and inflammation. It helps loosen and release stiff, painful muscles. It stimulates endorphins providing natural pain relief, has a positive flow on effect to general health and may reduce or even eliminate the need for some medications.
  • It also just feels really good for tight aching bodies!




My dogs love their sardines and they are so good for them, especially for growing puppies and golden oldies. It's so worth overlooking the smell of this oily little fish for all the added health benefits they supply for our fur-kids:
  • - Supports joints and bones
  • - Supports kidney function
  • - Relieves allergy symptoms
  • - Good for heart health
  • - Good for brain health
  • - Good for healthy skin and coat
  • - Inhibits cancers
  • - Helps with weight loss
  • - Boosts immune system
  • - Good for eye health
Go on, give it a try!

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Does your dog have itchy feet? Try this simple home made anti itch spray.

I'm using it on one of my dogs and it works!!



Our own dogs are fully involved and test drive everything.

A shout out to our past and present dogs over the years for co-operating and for being our testers!

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