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Specialising in Bowen Therapy (muscular adjustment) for 15 years and Emmett Technique (muscle release therapy), a member of IICT (International Institute for Complimentary Therapists).

Helen has always shared her life with dogs, including a Border Collie, Keeshond, Brittany, Beagle Bull Terrier Mix and a Pomeranian mix, many Basenjis and several cats. She's also owned and bred goats, rabbits, guinea pigs, mice, ducks, chinese silkies and a variety of birds. Thanks to growing up on a suburban farm surrounded by animals she is comfortable handling many different kinds of animals. She also has a keen interest in natural health and species appropriate diets, believing that the food we feed to our pets is the basis of good health and makes a huge difference to their health and well being, thus saving us time and money on visits to the vet. After all, we are what we eat and the same goes for our dogs and cats too!

Winning at a Basenji Specialty Show
Arrow winning at a Specialty Show in Melbourne
My dogs
Indi and Arrow


Along with her husband, she has successfully bred and exhibited the African Basenji (curly tailed, barkles dogs) for over 25 years, and has exported puppies and semen overseas and although no longer breeding or showing, her dogs feature behind the pedigrees of so many lovely show dogs and beautiful companion dogs around the world. She has been a member of Dogs Victoria for 25 years and has been keenly in interested canine anatomy, structure, movement and health for a very long time!

Dogs at the beach
With Arrow at the beach
Leeloo winning Best In Group at a Melbourne Show


“ I've been a huge dog and animal lover ever since I can remember!
I'm really passionate about helping animals feel better and live better using holistic, natural therapies, which address the whole body instead of simply masking symptoms.
I'm very proud of the many positive results that I've been able to achieve as seen on my TESTIMONIALS PAGE and the smiles and licks of appreciation that I receive from the animals I help absolutely warms my heart! ” - Helen Veless

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