Animals respond really well to holistic therapies, they have no preconceived ideas and they don't try to block the effects of treatment like people can sometimes do sub-consciously.
The beauty of animals is that they don't think about whether the therapy is going to help or not, there is no placebo effect with them!


What Our Clients Are Saying …


Polly & Jasper - Cavoodle

“ My older dogs love coming to Curly Tails for their Bowen Therapy treatments. Polly was reluctant to engage in her first couple of sessions but now sits and eyeballs Helen to say “Come on let's get going!”. Jasper almost falls asleep standing up while he is being worked on. The laser treatments have greatly increased Polly's mobility in her lower back too. I wish Helen could also work on me !!

.... Annette - May 2021 - Carrum Downs

great dane

Slick & Rolex - Great Dane

“ My two Great Danes thoroughly enjoyed your treatment. Slick liked you a little too much ;) Highly recommend.”
(Spinal/Senior Dog Maintenance - Soft Tissue injury)

.... Jasmin - December 2020 - Bittern


Crystal - Samoyed

“ I recently took my 8yo girl Crystal to see Helen about coping with grief as we had recently lost her brother and Crystal was so sad. Watching the way Helen works with the dogs is so inspiring. Helen is so patient and worked at Crystal's pace, never pushing or rushing her. What I wasn't expecting was Helen to identify an issue in her shoulder that I didn't know that she had. This gave me the information I needed to be more aware of Crystal's movements and to stop her from doing things that will aggravate her shoulder. It took a few days for the treatment to integrate but I soon noticed that she is moving more freely. We have scheduled another appointment to make sure everything is fine but I will be making regular appointments to keep Crystal in top condition. Helen is incredible at reading her dog clients and adjusting her methods to make them as comfortable as possible. Crystal totally loved the experience, especially the treats lol.
I highly recommend Curly Tails Bowen Therapy to all!!   ”
(Grief, soft tissue injury)

.... Megan - October 2020 - Carrum Downs

scnauzer x border collie

Lotte - Schnauzer x Border Collie

“️ We are so lucky to have Helen on the Mornington Peninsula Her love for animals and their well being is evident the minute you meet her She is a practitioner in both Emmett and Bowen therapy and combines the best of both to treat your fur babies Lotte is a schnauzer x border collie and suffering arthritis in her joints, but at 12.5 yo really doesn’t have any other problems. Helens treatment is calm, reassuring and aimed at giving her more movement and less pain and Lotte responds well to each movement although she is known to lie down with belly up and all 4 legs in the air on occasion...that’s Lotte, not Helen! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Helen to anyone with a fur baby that has any problems ❤️”

.... Robyn - October 2020 - Rosebud


Chance - Greyhound

“️ Helen is great she has helped my greyhound feel so much better that he is back running about and he’s so much happier in himself after treatment sessions.”
(Back Pain &Stiffness)

.... Debbie - September 2020 - Mornington


Caddie - Basenji

“️ I found Helen via Instagram as I have a basenji and I found she did as well. Not only does she work her amazing magic on my basenji girl who feels 1 million times better after her sessions but she also gives me amazing advice specific to our breed and reassured me as an owner of certain things I’m doing right. I would never trust anyone other than Helen to treat my girl. I would recommend her a million times over. Not only as a health practitioner for my girl but an amazing person ❤️”
(Lameness, Injury)

.... Alana - September 2020 - Pakenham


Tess, Ari, Zack, Rocky & Lily
Samoyed & Jack Russell

“A couple of days before a dog show about 2 years ago Tess suddenly started limping, I saw Curly Tails helping one of our groomers dogs, so I quickly made an appointment. Tess responded so well to the treatment that I then booked in my older dogs for a treatment. Tess was Helen's first Samoyed, now following our recommendations, she has quite a contingent of Samoyeds who enjoy regular tune ups, our girl Lily even gets involved assisting during the treatments, by leaning her head on the back of the dog being worked on. Helen is incredibly kind and caring, and has amazing rapport with all the dogs. My old Jack Russell gained incredible relief in his last few months, as did my neighbours Samoyed when she was getting old. We have a regular monthly booking and the dogs love their treatments, sleep for the rest of the day and have an amazing zest for life. Highly recommended for every dog.. young or old, its great to keep them in their peak...
Perfect for injury recovery, stress, and general well being”
(Show Dog Conditioning & Maintenance, Senior Dog Care, Injury)

.... Deb - September 2020 - McCrae


Ziggy - Samoyed

“I was referred to Curly tails Bowen by a fellow Samoyed owner. My boy was 13 and having issue with limping and walking and general movement. He was generally slowing down for his age. The first session went so well and he seemed so much better afterwards I have happily kept taking him back for further visits. He enjoys the calmness of these sessions and Helen is a wonderful therapist, very in tune with my dog. ️”
(Age Related Issues, Arthritis)

.... Lois - September 2020 - Bonbeach

staffy and french bulldog

Roy Boy - Staffordshire Bull Terrier & Theo - French Bulldog

“ We are very grateful for the care and relief Helen has given our Staffy Roy Boy. After his first session he was a much happier old man. It’s hard to describe but his energy lifted, he moved better and he is so much more comfortable within himself. Not just for the seniors. Great for alignment and injury prevention for our 10mth old Frenchie Theodore. Highly recommend ✔️ ”
(Arthritis & Lameness)

.... Shinay - August 2020 - Dromana


Shelly - Labrador

“She fixed my dog Shellys ligament (Cruciate) within 6 weeks and she really enjoyed going, highly recommend”
(CCL Cruciate injury)

.... Sharon - August 2020 - McCrae

dachshund ivdd

Fudge - Dachshund

“I am so happy I found Curly Tails. Fudge is responding so well. Thanks”

.... Megan - July 2020 - Carrum Downs


Jack - Newfoundland

“ Helen is a wonderful and caring therapist. She spent a long time on my darling old Newfie Jack. He responded very well to her treatment and is getting up easier. He is a lot brighter and wants to play a little with my other Newfs. I recommend her highly. ”
(Senior Dog care)

.... Michelle - June 2020 - Frankston Sth

staffordshire terrier

Squishy - Staffordshire Bull Terrier

“Can't recommend Helen enough!  Took my girl Squishy to her a couple of weeks ago Helen was amazing with her, very gentle and knowledgeable. My girl ended up having a dislocated hip due to bad hip dysplasia which we only found out yesterday after X-rays. But even after having only 1 session with Helen she has still continued to check in to see how Squish was doing and provided helpful ongoing information regarding natural treatments to help her before she is able to have surgery. Helen clearly has great love and devotion for all 4 legged furry friends ❤❤ ”
(Hip dysplasia & FHO Recovery)
.... Elaine - June 2020 - Frankston

bichon x poodle

Belle - Toy Poodle

“ I can’t imagine the suffering our little poodle, Belle would still be in and on constant drugs for inflammation if it wasn’t for Helen’s care.
Bowen and Emmett have made such a difference to our little fur baby!”
(Congenital Thoracic Disc Malformation, Senior Dog Care)

.... Gail - May 2020 - Rosebud

rotweiler cross

Tori - Rotweiler x

“ I can’t thank Helen enough for helping my 14 yr old Rottweiler x Tori. She was unable to stand upright without assistance and was severely struggling to walk (was not able to take more than a few steps with out falling over). Tori had been spending her days laying on her bed only getting up (with assistance) when needing to relieve herself. After just 1 session with Helen, Tori has been able to not only stand up on her own but has also been enjoying little walks around the yard (she has even gone out to greet the postman).
Cannot wait to see what results will be achieved with ongoing treatment from Helen!”
(Paralysis Recovery, Arthritis, Senior Dog Care)

.... Lisa - April 2020 - Tootgarook

jack russell

Phoebe, Kara & Indi - Jack Russell & Samoyeds

“”My elderly Jack Russell had a suspected cruciate ligament rupture and we decided not to have it operated on due to her age. A friend recommended Curly Tails Bowen Therapy and I took Phoebe for treatment. Phoebe now walks without limping and has regular treatments with Helen to keep her comfortable. Phoebe loves the attention and treats when she goes to see Helen. Kara and Indi, both Samoyeds, also have treatments with Helen. Kara's back seemed quite painful with the first couple of treatments and she was often grumpy, I've noticed since then Kara is easier going, moves around better and is less sensitive to being touched. It seems Kara may have been silently suffering in pain. I'm so glad I took her to Helen. Indi who recently came to live with us, and who was getting treatments with her other wolfpack, continues to enjoy her tune ups with Helen. Helen has a gift for working with dogs and is extremely talented. We trust her healing abilities to bring quality of life and ease of movement as our dogs age.
(Cruciate Tear, hidden back pain, senior dog care)

.... Val - April 2020 - Rosebud

ridgie cross

Ty - Ridgeback x

“My pup Ty has an inoperable growth on his head that was affecting his neck and jaw. After starting treatments he started being able to eat properly again, and the size of the growth even reduced for some time! Regular treatments keeps him happy, and when he's with Helen we cease to exist as he laps up her care and attention.
Confident to say we'll be clients for life. Thank you for your expertise and skill Helen!”

.... Rebecca - March 2020 - Cranbourne


Jasper - Poodle x

“I can report Jasper has been really happy since the last treatment! He has stopped yelping and growling at me.
His face looks brighter and happier. He’s had a total personality change!”
(Nerve Pain, FHO, Arthritis)

.... Tara - March 2020 - Langwarrin


Marvin & Onyx - Newfoundland

“Helen has been working on my dogs for many years now and I have seen an incredible difference with my dogs skin condition, health, mobility and general happiness. Both my dogs absolutely love coming to see her and love their treatments.
Can't thank you enough for everything you've done for my gorgeous boys. I'm super proud of everything they've achieved in the last year and you've certainly played a huge part in keeping us all show ready. ”
(Conditioning & Maintenance for Show Dogs)

.... Emily - February 2020 - Frankston

french bulldog

Margaux & Napoleon - French Bulldogs

“My two French Bulldogs, Napoleon and Margaux went to! see Helen after one hurt her leg playing. Helen was able to immediately see where Margaux was sore and got to work releasing the muscles. Helen was really patient with both dogs and did an amazing job determining areas to focus on.
I would highly recommend her for your dogs. Thanks Again Helen!”
(Lameness, Injury, Senior Dog Care)

.... Zoe - August 2019 - Carrum

golden retriever

Daisy & Dahlia - Golden Retrievers

“This photo was taken 5 minutes after Bowen treatment on my two Goldie’s - sound asleep! Both girls have back issues - Dahlia 12yrs suffers from arthritis and Daisy 5yrs Spondylosis, soft tissue and pinched nerves. We can’t wait to receive ongoing treatment to help with pain management and mobility. Helen was so gentle and caring, explained the processes involved and interacted with the girls in such a lovely manner. Thank you and we highly recommended Curly Tails 💜 ”

.... Suzie - June 2019 - Mornington


Kelly - Australian Kelpie

“ This has been amazing for my Kelpie. When I first took her to Helen she could hardly walk, cried when she got up in the morning to hobble over to her food, I had to carry her up the stairs, lift her into the car etc, I was sure the Green Dream wasn’t too far away! The vet’s last resort was cortisone injections so I took her to Helen instead! However after 4 sessions of Bowen Therapy, golden paste, bone broth, hempseed oil and lots of swimming she is like a new dog! She is moving well, runs up the stairs now, chases my other Kelpie around again and is so much happier! Thank you Helen, you are a miracle worker xx ”
(Injuries, Lameness)

.... Jodie - May 2019 - Blairgowrie


Abby - Rhodesian Ridgeback

“ Abby woke up in pain and unable to walk properly yesterday which was extremely distressing …. we are so grateful for the love and expertise shown by Helen at Curly Tails Bowen Therapy. Not only were you able to win Abby’s trust, you had her walking and smiling within minutes. Here’s to treating our animals the way we treat ourselves. ”
(Nerve Pain, Lameness)

.... Kim - May 2019 - Rosebud

wheaten terrier

Seamus - Wheaten Terrier

“ Fantastic with my dog, keeps your pup settled whilst working on them.”
(Lameness, Injury, Pain)

.... Judy - March 2019 - Cerberus

aussie mini bulldog

Hugo - Aussie Mini Bulldog

“Thank you Helen for your advice on & treatment. Hugo has lost weight, not sleeping on the bed, now in his bed, so no jumping on bed, he is not favoring his back leg after his last treatment but will have to be very vigilant with him, obviously Hugo’s patella might pop out again, thank you again see u in a month ”
(Lameness, Patella Luxation, Injury)

.... Marsha - March 2019 - Rosebud

parson russell terrier

Chewy - Parson Russell Terrier puppy

“ Our poor puppy got stood on badly whilst there were no breaks he had a bad limp and we wanted to support his recovery and ensure his soft tissues, ligaments were OK. Helen was able to assure us there was no permanent injury and after his session Chewy’s gait had improved was more fluid and not erratic. We are so relieved after our visit and really recommend Helen as a great caring therapist that gave us confidence and some good tips to suppport his recovery. So grateful...thanks again Helen!!”

.... Christine - March 2019 - Port Melbourne

canine bowen

Jez and Thrilla - Tenterfield Terriers

“Helen is very caring and her expertise really helps dogs in need!”
“Saturday's visit all the way to Rosebud to the lovely Helen of Curly Tails Bowen Therapy was worth the 8:30am to 4pm outing. Jez is continuing to improve and has gone from bedridden to back enjoying time with the pack.
Thanks for all your time and expertise!!”
(FHO, Lameness, Back Injury)

.... Paula - February 2019 - Moe

canine bowen

Koa - Rotweiler puppy

“So glad we found Curly Tails! Helen was amazing, professional and obviously knows her stuff. Our puppy loved her.
Definitely be a regular service for us now. Thankyou”
(Puppy injury, Lameness, Pain)

.... Mandy - January 2019 - Pakenham

canine arthritis

Logan - Labrador

“I cannot recommend Helen highly enough! The work that she did on my baby Mr Logan was amazing! He always looked forward to his weekly bowen therapy sessions and was so much more the better for them!
Thank's so much Helen, Mr Logan loved you very much! xxx ”
(Senior Dog Care, Severe Arthritis)

.... Kasmin - December 2018 - Rosebud


Laci - Domestic Shorthair Cat

“I can't speak highly enough of Helen! My cat was in quite a lot of leg pain after undergoing some veterinary treatment. I was unsure where to turn and when I came across Helen she was definitely the answer I was looking for. She was able to identify the issue and her calm manner kept my cat relaxed during treatment. I saw results within a few days and after a second treatment the results spoke for themselves.
Highly recommended!”
(Hindquarter Injury,Lameness)

.... Carina - October 2018 - Mt Eliza

afghan hound

Rim - Afghan

“Can't thank Helen enough. I went to Curly Tails Bowen after my dogs were in an accident (car). My Dachshunds loved her but my Afghan gave himself totally over to her and that's saying something (he's very fussy on who he likes).
Helen thank you so much for helping my dogs.”
(Injury, Show Dog Conditioning & Maintenance)

.... Carolyn - July 2017 - Rosebud


Benji - Basenji

“I cannot thank Helen from Curly Tails Bowen, enough for mending my 12 year old Basenji. Benji unfortunately had badly hurt his back and neck and was suffering for weeks and weeks. He struggled to get on the couch and winced in pain when he moved his neck. After a couple of Bowen therapy sessions with Helen, he’s a completely different dog. Frisky and acting like a puppy again, running around with the other dogs and being cheeky.
I can’t recommend Helen enough, thank you for bringing my dearly loved champion show dog back!”
(Cervical Disc (neck), Senior Dog)

... Priscilla - September 2017 - Canberra


Robbie, Madonna, Mazerati & Mercedes - Long Haired Dachsunds

“Can't thank you enough for what you have done for my dogs. Second visit and my dogs loved you like they'd known you for years”
(Show Dog Conditioning & Maintenance, Injury)

.... Carolyn - July 2017 - Rosebud


Boston Terrier

Missy - Boston Terrier

“Missy has been having regular Bowen sessions to treat a limp and incontinence in the house. She has now been clean and dry in the house for weeks after being incontinent for a couple of years and her limp has disappeared. She will be getting regular tune ups as an aid in managing her incontinence and keep her limp free. Thank you so much Curly Tails Bowen for helping our little old girl!”
(Senior Dog care, Injury, Incontinence)

... Elita - October 2017 - Mt Martha

Australian Kelpie mix

Neo - Kelpie Cross

“Neo has been getting Bowen treatments to treat a limp in her front leg as well as back and neck pain. She was hit by a car a few years ago and has some arthritis in her shoulder and neck from it. After Neo had a treatment with Curly Tails her limp disappeared, she is not in pain any more and runs like a younger dog again. The difference in her is amazing and she will definitely be getting regular treatments to help keep her comfortable!”
(Car Accident, Shoulder Injury, Senior Dog Care)

... Bruce - January 2018 - Rosebud

treating a guinea pig with bowen therapy

Guinea Pigs, bunnies and other animals can benefit from Bowen therapy too!

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