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Injury / Pre-Post Surgery/Health

SENIORS: Ease Painful Muscles & Stiff Joints
Improve movement, flexibility & general health



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BODY BALANCE: Support & Maintain General health

Injury / Pre-Post-Surgery /Health

SENIORS: Ease Painful Muscles & Stiff Joints
Improve movement, flexibility & general health

Time varies but allow 45 minutes


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What To Expect:

Allow 1 hour for an initial appointment. This time is used to find out about your pets health, observe the way they move and evaluate their current condition. I will provide you with a questionaire about your pet and I will then do a hands on palpation and assessment before we begin the session.
To keep your dog or cat comfortable during their session we go at their pace and are guided by their responses.
After the session you will be provided with an after-treatment care sheet to follow.

Most acute problems respond to a series of 3 treatments, 7-14 days apart and then treatments can be spread further apart in most cases although some may need a little more or a little less depending on each individual case. For most dogs this is all that is needed unless the problem is more complicated or a long-standing problem, in which case we are guided by their individual response.
Chronic conditions such as arthritis management, spinal issues, maintenance for senior dogs or rehabilitation after injury or surgery often benefit from a regular maintenance program every 3-8 weeks.
Show dogs or performance dogs benefit from a regular maintenance schedule to keep them in peak competition condition.
All programs are tailored to suit each individual case and their health and circumstances.

For follow up or subsequent visits allow 30- 45 minutes.

I’d love to be able to assist any of your dogs or cats that need a little help with any issues they may be having.


After Treatment Care:

healing sleep after bowen treatment

Most dogs will go into a deep “healing sleep” after a Bowen session so allow them to rest undisturbed for as long as they need, to allow their body to respond to the work. Over the following few days your dog may experience different reactions as its body continues to make changes and integrate the effects of the treatment.
No brushing or bathing should be carried out for at least 2 days after treatment. This allows time for the body to adjust and to derive the most benefit from the treatment.

Make sure that fresh clean drinking water is available as the treatment can make animals quite thirsty.

Check out this video following the progress of one of my doggy clients, Kelly (13 year old) Kelpie. Kelly had a long standing injury to her hind quarters that conventional veterinary treatment had not been able to help. Her owner was starting to think the kindest thing might be to put her to sleep to end her suffering.

The video shows her before Bowen therapy commenced and then the progress after each of her bowen therapy sessions.
Kelly had 3 treatments 1 week apart and then a 12 day break before her 4th treatment to give her body time to heal and respond.
The difference is amazing and her owner says she now has a new dog!

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