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Gentle muscle therapy for canines and felines in the South Eastern Suburbs.
I utilise a combination of soft tissue therapies during a typical treatment, see below for a description of each. An initial session will include a free assessment and then a plan will be formulated, which will generally include a combination of therapies to relieve pain, restore balance and begin the healing process.
If you have a diagnosis from your vet or a veterinary report please bring them along with you to your first appointment.

These holistic modalities benefit animals of all ages, in all degrees of health, from baby puppies, performance and show dogs, pre and post surgery, right through to senior dogs, post partum bitches and palliative care. My favourite part of this work is being able to help senior dogs by improving their mobility and comfort and also helping show and performance dogs, to move at their very best, but I love being able to help dogs and cats of all ages along with other animals as well!


I am often contacted by owners whose dogs are showing signs of lameness and pain. Unfortunately some are totally lame and unable to walk by the time they reach out for help after they’ve run out of other options.
However if Bowen Therapy is incorporated as a preventative measure instead of only using it 'after' injuries are sustained, a lot of pain and ongoing problems can be avoided later on in the dogs senior years. Preventative therapy is a lot more affordable than other veterinary options.
Bowen therapy can be included as part of a pro-active treatment plan and part of an animals regular pet care plan to help keep them in good shape throughout their life instead of waiting until pain and dysfunction have become ingrained, chronic, harder to treat problems, that have seriously impacted quality of life of your precious pet.


Golden retriever having treatment
Emmett technique
Cold Laser therapy for dogs
Cold Laser Therapy

Bowen Therapy

Bowen is a remedial body work technique that was developed in the 1950's by manual bodywork therapist Tom Bowen for both people and animals. It is applied to and affects the connective tissue (fascia) of the body. Bowen is known to help with a wide variety of ailments and since it's holistic in nature it works on the whole body.

The moves are unique to Bowen Therapy, not similar to either massage, shiatsu, acupressure, osteopathic, or any other therapy’s activation, stimulation or releases.
Bowen therapy can be used to treat musculoskeletal or related neurological problems including acute injuries and chronic or organic conditions.
A session involves gentle rolling motions across the muscles, tendons, and fascia with pauses incorporated into the treatment. These pauses are vital to allow the body time to respond to the work and it also allows the animal to have a break and move around which is especially appreciated by timid or nervous animals.

The Bowen moves impact the body in a number of ways – through fascial lines, nervous system receptors, muscles, acupuncture points along meridians, and lymphatic drainage.
It has a calming effect on the Autonomic Nervous System, influencing the nervous system to relax and affects the muscles and fascia to bring the body back into balance, triggering the body to begin the healing process. Some pets will feel immediate relief, while most will experience changes in their body and notice an improvement after 3 days and during the following week.

dog receiving bowen therapy

Bowen Therapy stimulates, re-balances and corrects the body's systems in these areas:


Bowen treatment can bring lasting relief from pain and discomfort and assist the body back into a more balanced state of physical health, mobility and emotional well being. The endorphins released during Bowen Therapy are natural painkillers & stress fighters of the body and can often account for the enhanced feeling of well being & relaxation experienced by animals and people after having Bowen Therapy.

Cold Laser Therapy

Cold Laser Therapy is a non-invasive, drug free treatment to support wound healing, reduce inflammation, and treat musculoskeletal pain, and helps with both chronic and acute pain. Laser therapy has been used in Australia and overseas for many years in both humans and animals.

Cold laser therapy is both proven and safe. Laser therapy has been thoroughly researched around the world with many clinical studies and papers published highlighting the beneficial effects of laser therapy. Cold lasers are also ideal for acupuncture points, wounds and for healing scar tissue and are far superior to ultrasound and invasive needling techniques.

I use a Class 3B Cold Laser device in my clinic, this is the most effective class of laser for healing soft tissue and muscular inflammation and many more problems. These lasers are used by many greyhound trainers and horse trainers to heal any sustained injuries faster. What is the difference between a Class IV (Class 4) laser and Class 3B lasers?
Class 4 lasers are stronger than Class 3B lasers but they do not work as well on soft tissue as they can overtreat tissue. Just like an overdose of medicine can be bad, likewise stronger does not always mean it is better. Scientific based data confirms that lower intensity is more effective for inflammation and healing.


canine cold laser therapy

Various Applications:




Laser assisted rehabilitation can be used on it's own or when combined with Bowen Therapy can give fast, effective results to reduce recovery times and enhance healing outcomes.
Because it works directly on injured or affected areas, laser treatments can help speed up healing, strengthen muscle and tissue, improve mobility and enhance your dog's overall quality of life. A cold laser session generally only takes a few minutes depending on the area, but most injuries will need a few sessions for best results.

emmett technique for dogs

Emmett Technique For Animals

This internationally recognised technique was developed here in Australia by Ross Emmett and is being taught and practised in over 40 Countries . It can be used as a stand alone therapy or combined with other modalities and is referred to as the "Chameleon" approach to animal therapy. It's equally effective on both people and animals and can be used as a complementary technique to Bowen Therapy or it can also be used as a standalone treatment.

This gentle and safe neuro-muscular, muscle release technique can be used to address pain and discomfort, improve body movement and restrictions. Using light pressure the Technique works on unique micro points within muscles and muscle groups. The technique needs to be performed with the right pressure, in the correct direction and with precise timing to achieve the best outcome.

Emmett Therapy uses a light touch application at specific points on the body to release muscle related issues. It is effective in relieving pain and discomfort, creating postural changes, improving movement, flexibility and overall well-being.
An EMMETT treatment improves recovery from workouts helping competition dogs achieve peak performance, along with addressing lameness, muscle restrictions, uneven gait and lack of performance.


Red Light Therapy

The specific wave lengths used in Red Light Therapy – RLT penetrate deep into the soft tissue and joint spaces, they increase circulation which improves oxygenation and removal of metabolic waste and toxins.

They are also effective at reducing inflammation and promoting the release of endorphins which acts as natural pain relief. It improves cellular uptake of nutrients and elimination of toxins, assists with reducing pain, swelling, infection and inflammation, whilst increasing relaxation and circulation.

Studies show that RLT also stimulates the production of collagen, which is an essential element in repairing damaged tissue and stimulates the cells to release a natural occurring chemical - Adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which signals the brain to release energy to the cells, stimulating endorphins, anti-inflammatories, serotonin etc.
Along with these very positive therapeutic benefits, RLT also relaxes the muscles and reduces stress. The flexible pads also emit a soothing warmth so dogs relax and enjoy the pleasant experience.

Application Benefits:


red light therapy for dogs
Red Light Therapy wrap - forelimb
red light therapy for animals
Photobiomodulation Therapy


Natural supplements to support animal health

I believe that we need to approach the health and well being of our animals from the inside out and since they are biological beings of course natural supplements are always the best option. Working with many dogs suffering from arthritis, soft tissue pain and other issues, I have found some excellent supplements through research and experience with my own dogs and clients dogs to help keep joints and bones healthy, to improve mobility in ageing dogs and to support healing after injury or surgery, and for natural pain relief.
All supplements here have been road tested by my own dogs over the years and they've given me their stamp of apprawval !!

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